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Greening and Recycling

Welcome to Stoneleigh, designated as a TREE CITY USA

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Whether you are a new neighbor, a long-time resident, or a prospective home buyer, you can be proud to live in this community that cherishes  its trees. Since Stoneleigh’s beginnings in the 1930‘s, our tall shade trees create a cool oasis in summer, a colorful array in autumn, an effective buffer against traffic noise, and a desirable neighborhood for walking and talking with neighbors.

Since 1999, members of the Committee on Greening and Recycling have been helping Stoneleighites preserve our big, canopy shade trees and plant new trees to grow up for our children’s generation.

In 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Stoneleigh received the highest level of the PLANT Award from the Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee and Maryland Department of Natural Resources
consortium. This “recognizes your community’s active involvement in the development of a fully functional tree program which has received recognition as a Tree City US”. We hope that your community continues to maintain this high level of commitment in helping us ‘love and nurture trees’ in Maryland.”

Do you have questions or concerns about the big shade trees that live on your property? Contact the Preserve Our Shade Trees subcommittee.

Do you want to have new shade trees planted in your yard or by the street, for only $75 each? Contact the Tree Planting Program.

Do you want to help? Volunteer for Dumpster Day (our fund-raiser), join the Pruning Crews in late winter, help distribute green water bags in the summer, and nurture all of our community’s trees.

Contact 410-769-8016 or

Thank you.  Brough Schamp and Carol Newill, co-chairs

Greening and Recycling Information


Click the image to see the full info-graphic about how landscaping can save energy and money, from the U.S. Dept of Energy.