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Community Yard Sale

Submitted by Rachel on 04/21/18 - 9:00 AM, Posted in Stoneleigh Event

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9:00 am - 12:00 pm

The annual Stoneleigh Spring Yard Sale will be Saturday, April 21, with posted times from 9am-12pm. The rain date is Sunday, April 22.

Clear out your closets, attics and basements and turn your unwanted stuff into cash. Kids can turn old toys into spending money. Team up with a neighbor and sell your stuff together. People are more likely to stop if they see a bigger sale or several close together. Let shoppers know which streets are participating.

Price your stuff with stickers ( 25¢, 50¢, $1, etc). Be prepared to bargain. Stock up on quarters, ones and fives for quick change. Use a fanny pack or deep pockets to keep your cash, instead of the risk of an unattended cash box. Periodically secure bigger bills by locking them inside the house.

If you are selling electronics, test them to see if they work. Baby gear and cloths, kid toys and games, sports equipment, household items, tools, and books, all sell well. Motivated sellers can get rid of old furniture if the price is right. If you absolutely want to get rid of something, give it away. There is no cost to participate, just drag your stuff outside on Yard Sale day. What doesn’t sell can be donated so it doesn’t have to go back into your basement.